Rebalance Startup: Language Learning App Language Curry raises $92K

4 min readAug 11, 2020

Aneesha spent a decade in Canada.

Between her mornings at work and evenings at home, she often heard her friends, colleagues, and neighbours chat about wanting to learn their native Indian language, connect with their roots or share their culture with their kids. Most of them struggled with options that were boringly academic, expensive, time-consuming, or weren’t relevant to their needs.

Over time, she realized that the larger non-Indian community was also interested to learn Indian languages either for work, education, travel within India, or to simply communicate with their Indian friends/spouse.

This got her thinking — while the world is betting on India as the next big Asian opportunity, why is there no accessible platform that unites all Indian languages and its diverse cultures in an engaging, relevant, and cost-effective way?

When Aneesha moved back to India, she connected with Vatsala and Puneet over this common passion.

Together, they founded Language Curry — A unique mobile app that is breaking cultural and language barriers to make India accessible to the world.

Language Curry is making Indian language learning easy, interactive, and culturally relevant for ex-pats, tourists, international students, kids, domestic migrants, NRIs, and cultural enthusiasts.

Language Curry participated in Rebalance Accelerator’s Inaugural Cohort and we’re thrilled to announce they have raised USD 92K from Rebalance Angel Community and a clutch of angels.

Some angels who participated in this round Rohit Chanana [Managing Partner at Sarcha Advisors, Ex-President Finance at Hero], Sukhbir Singh [Bollywood Singer], Jyoti Singh, Kanti Prabha [Co-founder at Sirion Labs], Lloyd Mathias [Business Strategist, Angel Investor], Chandigarh Angel Network, Anjali Malhotra, Dhiraj Soni, Sharad Talwar, Abhishek Murali [Co-founder, NIMPAA Global Pvt Ltd], Amit Kohli, Jeene Sharma, and Sandhan Mishra.

With approximately 100,000 downloads across 120 countries —

Language Curry equips its learners with contextual, conversational language learning where the user not only learns the ‘what’ or ‘how’ of speaking Indian languages but also receives short cultural capsules that explain the ‘why’ behind it.

They currently offer 5 Indian languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, and Gujarati with more languages coming on the app soon. You can download the app here.

“Aneesha, Vatsala & Puneet joined Rebalance before they launched the app with a mere 250 beta users. We truly believe that Language Curry can introduce a new benchmark in language learning by building a solution that is both contextual and relevant to every learner’s need,” mentioned Aishwarya Malhi & Vikas Kumar, Co-founders at Rebalance.

82% of learners on the app love the bite-sized cultural capsules that pop up while they learn, an offering totally unique to the app.

Bollywood singer, Sukhbir Singh shares “I grew up outside India but never forgot my roots. I know 5 languages including Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati, so I naturally connected with Language Curry’s passion and commitment to bringing people closer — I do it through music, and they do it through languages.”

Aneesha, Vatsala and Puneet with Arjun — their technology advisor from their early days.

“While we build Language Curry to become the most thoughtful language learning app for Indian languages and culture, we are also eyeing the huge demand for learning Indian languages coming from Asian countries and the burning need for translations to serve growing vernacular content in India,” — Vatsala Sharma and Puneet Singh, Co-founder at Language Curry.

“When I first met Aneesha, what struck me was the pride she has for Indian culture & language. They are a humble and value-driven team. The combination of languages and culture is a unique proposition full of opportunities for diverse learners,” said Rohit Chanana, Managing partner at Sarcha Advisors, Ex-President Strategy & Finance at Hero Corporate.

The global language learning market is worth $17.9 Billion with 42% demand expected to come from APAC.

“We at Chandigarh Angels see immense potential in Language Curry’s growth story. We absolutely loved the app experience and the vision of the founders,” added Vineet Khurana, Chandigarh Angel Network.

“Language Curry is more than just a language learning platform — bringing both a conversational and cultural context into the learning process. With increasing mobility among professionals, both within the country and overseas, the prospects for Language Curry are phenomenal,” mentioned Lloyd Mathias, Business Strategist & Angel Investor.

With the new capital, they plan to focus on core product building, marketing, hiring and introduce new Indian languages.

Vatsala Sharma, Co-Founder at Language Curry shared,

“What set our experience with Rebalance apart was that they believed in us when we had literally just started and even 365 days post our Demo Day — Aishwarya & Vikas keep challenging us, motivating us, and sharing constructive feedback. We’ve found our lifetime champions at Rebalance.”

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More about Language Curry’s mission below:




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