Announcing Rebalance Accelerator Cohort 05

5 min readApr 1, 2023


We kickstarted Rebalance Cohort 05 in November 2022 with 13 diverse founders from Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, and Mumbai.

We recently hosted our demo day over zoom where 7 companies showcased what they’re building across material sciences, deep tech/clean mobility, HR tech, consumer tech, alco-beverages, beauty tech, and media tech.

And Rebalance turned 4 in March 2023!

We launched Rebalance in 2019 as India’s first set of initiatives on a mission to accelerate diversity in founders and funders. We’ve invested in over 13 companies since 2020 across climate tech, fintech, ed-tech, consumer, and deep-tech healthcare.

We’re feeling grateful to have completed 4 years on this mission with a set of such relentless, kind, and purposeful founders.

From scientists, PhDs, risk intelligence professionals, gin sommeliers, seasoned movie producers/directors, media moguls, bankers, and marketers to executives from Tanishq, Viacom18, Star, Facebook, HBSC, EY, Tata Motors, and GE Aviation all came together to support each other while they accelerated momentum on their growth.

Introducing Rebalance Cohort 05!

If you’d like to get in touch with any of the companies below, email us at

1. Terra Bioware

Founded by Shruti Singh along with a team of scientists on a mission to help India transition to renewable materials at scale.

CO2 isn’t the only reason for climate change.

1/ Methane has 85x more potential of warming the planet.

2/ We consume 450Mn tonnes of plastic annually and only 1% is bioplastics today. Bioplastics haven’t scaled because they are 2–3x more expensive owing to their dependency on seasonal plants and link to food chains which limits production.

Terra Bioware is India’s first climate-positive bioplastics company that tackles both methane emissions and petro-plastics. They produce natural bioplastics called Terra PHA using unique microbes that consume methane emissions.

2. Ausper

Founded by Isha Sapra and Tejas Mehta on a mission to make how we save to buy gold, smart, effortless, and personalized.

How we buy gold in India today hasn’t changed in 100 years. There’s no financing available to buy gold and saving for gold is becoming expensive owing to a 12x rise in gold prices over the last two decades.

A $44 Billion Category in India: where no player has ever aggregated and re-invented both the online and offline savings and purchase experience for the consumer on one platform.

Ausper is a first-of-its-kind, omnichannel gold consumption platform with financial products designed to simplify how we save to buy gold jewelry.

They’ve launched the Ausper app, PPI wallet and have onboarded over 75+ jewelers across India in the last 3 months.

3. Matinee Gin

Founded by Anjali Shahi and Lavanya Jayashankar on a mission to make craft gin a staple of the new Indian home bar.

India’s first craft gin by women, designed for the Indian palate. Matinee is made with four uniquely Indian ingredients you’ve never tasted before. It is currently available for sale in Goa.

4. Dreamfly Innovations

Founded by Kajal Shah and Saurabh Markandeya on a mission to enable the safest, most durable energy sources of the future.

A $1.1 Trillion drone industry in the making is crippled with battery fires, long charging cycles, and low flight time.

Dreamfly Innovations is India’s first high-performance, non-flammable, 10x durable graphene-based battery solutions company. They are currently focusing on drone and aviation applications.

5. Fandrum

Founded by Samridhi Katyal, Vipul Chaube, and Luv Ranjan backed by Karan Johar.

80% of your buzz and revenue for a movie/show comes from 20% superfans. Fandrum is on a mission to recognize, empower and leverage these superfans.

Fandrum is an app where superfans can truly engage, contribute and co-create with their favorite celebrities. The app is available on both android and iOS.

This is coupled with Fandrum+ Analytics: India’s first B2B SaaS platform leveraging AI, psychometrics, and gamification to build proof-of-behavior data and true engagement between superfans, celebrities, broadcasters, and content producers.


Founded by Disha Parekh and Chayanika Bhattacharya on a mission to build India’s first full-stack, 10x faster HR function on-demand for growing organizations.

93% of MSMEs in India have limited or ZERO knowledge of the very role of human resources (HR) or their successful function. Outsourcing HR services is a nightmare to manage.

1HR is a B2B vertical SaaS marketplace that is consolidating the HRM experience into one intelligent, conversational platform, on demand.

7. Unsweetened Beauty

Founded by Vaishnavi Bezwada and Arthi Benjaram on a mission to uncomplicate skincare.

The beauty industry is booming fast, which makes it tough to select a product. There are 200,000 beauty products just on Nykaa. 87% of consumers feel anxious and confused, and 63% don’t follow a skincare routine but want one.

Unsweetened beauty is the skincare community bringing together expert knowledge and user experiences to help you make better skincare choices.

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Written by Aishwarya Malhi — Co-founder, Rebalance




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