Between making headlines and fighting headwinds, building a new-age company can be lonely. It’s 2x lonelier for women and diverse communities when there is little or no representation in the ecosystem that inspires and supports them.

We launched Rebalance on a mission to accelerate diversity in founders and funders. Since 2019, we’ve worked with over 60+ founders across India & SEA, some of which have raised $20M+ in follow-on pre-seed/seed funding from Rebalance Angel Community, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Goodwater Capital, Harvard Management, Stanford Angels, and more.

Rebalance invests upto $100K through Rebalance Angel Community which comprises of 45% women who invest with us.

We’ve worked with startups across healthcare, deep tech, fintech, B2B SaaS, beauty, climate, biotech, martech, edtech, parent tech, sexual wellness, mental health, e-commerce, and more.



Rebalance shapes and invests in early-stage companies with diverse founders through Rebalance Accelerator Program & Rebalance Angel Community.