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When we launched Rebalance in 2019, we couldn’t have imagined a world-wide slowdown hitting us during Rebalance Accelerator Cohort 2 in early March 2020. Of course, a lot had to suddenly become remote, most of our plans went south and how the pandemic would impact our companies became a big concern.

Fast-forward: 220 days of ‘hanging out’ on Google … to today. The ground Cohort 02 has covered against all odds is a testament to their commitment and grit as founders through a challenging 2020.

Meet Rebalance Accelerator’s Cohort 02

Our 2020 cohort consists of 8 companies led by 12 founders from Delhi NCR, Mumbai…

Smriti was only 21 when she noticed that managing personal finance is unnecessarily complicated and boring.

Indian millennials contribute up to 70% of household income but struggle with managing money, saving, investing, and planning for their future.

As a young teenager, Smriti started placing small trades/equity investments through her father’s Demat account. Over time, she discovered her passion for finance and invested time in building her financial acumen and health. By the time, she was 23, she noticed that she had multiple apps for banking, trading, investing, etc. …

Aneesha spent a decade in Canada.

Between her mornings at work and evenings at home, she often heard her friends, colleagues, and neighbours chat about wanting to learn their native Indian language, connect with their roots or share their culture with their kids. Most of them struggled with options that were boringly academic, expensive, time-consuming, or weren’t relevant to their needs.

Over time, she realized that the larger non-Indian community was also interested to learn Indian languages either for work, education, travel within India, or to simply communicate with their Indian friends/spouse.

This got her thinking — while the world…

Snigdha grew up collecting teas.

Friends and family who would travel well would always bring back teas as presents for her. At one point, she owned over 100 exotic teas from China, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Kenya and more. In 2011, her growing passion for tea took her to Sri Lanka, where she studied under the guidance of Japanese tea master, Nao Kumekawa.

In 2013, she launched Tea Trunk with her own line of signature tea blends.

100% Natural, healthy tea blends crafted with in-house expertise.

Some angels who participated in this round — Anand Sinha, Global Head at Zomato Gold; Anshul Agarwal, Co-head, Consumer, FIG & Business…

As entrepreneurs, we get comfortable with the chaos and the pressure of creating, nurturing and delivering what we believe in. We often forget that success comes with speed, and

Speed comes with perspective, clarity and timing.

The idea is to embrace the daily hustle and also allow the visionary in us, a chance to zoom out and change our lens once in a while. Being vulnerable and letting new perspectives in gives us the chance to stretch ourselves and find new strength in our vision even if it is uncomfortable because

To grow is to get out of your own…

— — —

Any founder looking to raise funds is simply finding a partner who believes in his/her vision and sees an opportunity in his/her idea. Any investor looking to invest is simply finding a partner that has the courage and capabilities to find a scalable solution to an existing gap or build a new market altogether.

But the whole fundraising process is just too tense for founders and equally overwhelming for investors.

After speaking to numerous investors and founders, we realized traditional demo days, cold emails or sometimes even referrals can be disappointing for both parties.

Fundraising isn’t easy…

Accelerators often filter startups based on pre-decided selection criteria or sector focus and are usually limited by batch bandwidth for justified reasons. In that process, some founders make it and some don’t, for several reasons ranging from idea/product to their funding/traction stage.

We want to change that.

Founders should not be limited by our batch bandwidth or their startup stage when they reach out to us. A little guidance and support in the right direction can lead to phenomenal progress over time.

Announcing Mentor Hours — a unique initiative that supports and shapes founders who are not ready for the…

We help early-stage tech-enabled companies founded/co-founded by women grow so they can scale either through raising Seed/Series A funding or customer acquisition through our partners who offer co-selling opportunities. Click here to read our launch announcement. We are accepting all-India applications for our inaugural batch in Delhi NCR until 25th March 2019! Click here to apply. We also accept social-impact startups.

Getting here wasn’t easy for us. Rebalance is the sum of endless conversations (with friends, family, founders, investors, knowledge experts, and our mentors); crazy amount of Chrome tabs for research; lots of coffee at Starbucks (which was practically our…

Entrepreneurship is an economic opportunity for anyone who is solving a problem that others can benefit from. The rate at which we’re growing as economies are resulting in rapid technological advancement while changing our planet for both, good and bad. This presents us with multiple avenues to create solutions that can be revolutionary in shaping tomorrow. In fact, some of the most critical challenges we face as humankind today can be solved through entrepreneurship, if we work together.

Gender disparity in the startup ecosystem is a global bottleneck to sustainable, equitable and balanced economic growth.

Please note: This is just to establish the skewed ratio in the founder community of some of the most successful companies. It is not representative of all amazing founders out there.

Creating an accessible and inclusive startup ecosystem where everyone can contribute to building the future.

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